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Our world-class engineers and leading-edge intellectual property enable Niobium to develop the most unique and high-tech integrated chip solutions for our clients’ critical systems. We are silicon design experts who partner with our clients to crush current computing limitations.

Services We Offer

Microelectronics Applied Research

At Niobium, we use our deep expertise in Microelectronic Systems research to develop practical solutions to some of today’s toughest problems. Our research spans from system architecture to novel circuits and algorithms to advanced design methodologies which we apply to a wide range of applications including cryptographic acceleration, computation in space and fully verified systems.

Domain Specific Architectures

Today’s critical systems require optimized balance between Power, Performance and Security(PPaS). Increasingly, off-the-shelf, generic solutions fail to meet these requirements. Niobium’s expertise and experience in developing and implementing Domain Specific Architectures from silicon up through the software stack helps our client solve their most challenging problems.

Secure Designs for Critical Applications

Built on our research background and domain specific architecture experience, Niobium designs and implements correct-by-construction SoCs and IP to address our clients unique challenges.

And endless more custom applications.

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