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Our world-class engineering team and leading-edge intellectual property enable Niobium to develop some of the most unique and high-tech integrated chip solutions for our growing defense and commercial client base.

Domain Expertise


Prototyped across various applied research defense programs, our team’s designs have shown power savings of 30% for applications in artificial intelligence, edge computing, and secure on-device processing. No matter the node size the solution requires, our team’s expertise is continued to be trusted to deliver the lowest power and highest efficiency for SwAP and PPA optimization.


Every security challenge is unique and our team has experience and intellectual property which meets requirements in the areas of side channel resistance, function locking, and we are one of the four teams in the world working with DARPA to advance the state-of-the-art in fully homomorphic encryption (FHE). In each circumstance, our team delivers solutions which offer advanced security with greater speed.


Our team employs modern tool infrastructure and embraces the latest digital design paradigms to improve design outcomes. These efforts allow us to drive value for our customers by reducing cost and time and eliminating constraints in achieving final silicon designs.

And endless more custom applications.

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