Niobium Microsystems

We deliver solutions which require complex silicon design and research.

With a demonstrated history and deep roots in the research domain, the team at Niobium Microsystems is trusted as a value-added innovation partner for both defense and commercial customers whose solutions require lower power, higher efficiency, and world-class, proven security.

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Our Expertise

At Niobium Microsystems, we apply our team’s expertise across a variety of applications.


No matter the node size the solution requires, our team’s expertise is called upon to deliver the lowest power and highest efficiency for SwAP and PPA optimization.


Today’s landscape calls for advanced security at every level of the design and implementation. Our team has a proven track record and deep expertise in microelectronics security for both defense and commercial applications.


From applied research to cutting edge design consulting and from emulation and simulation to full-scale tapeout, Niobium’s engineering services bring concepts to reality, delivering real world solutions.

About Niobium Microsystems

Niobium Microsystems builds upon decades of commercial and federal cryptography and system-on-chip expertise. We create designs that are most useful to our customers – from IP cores to complete finished and tested SoC solutions.

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