Niobium announces DARPA contract

August 9, 2021

Niobium Microsystems is proud to announce its first contract as a spinout of Galois in support of the DARPA Program Data Protection in Virtual Environments (DPRIVE).  For this program, Niobium is developing a Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) hardware accelerator. Historically, the state of the art of FHE processing has been very slow, millions of times slower than normal computation.  Niobium’s use of hardware accelerators is pursuing a time savings multiplier of 10,000, reducing latency from hours to seconds.

According to Niobium’s CEO Rob Wiltbank, “Our team’s ability to customize silicon designs for applications like cryptography and machine learning, within very tight SWaP and security constraints, will really be put to the test on DPRIVE.  We’re grateful for the chance to show what we can do, and advance the use of domain-specific architecture.”  

Colin Morrow, the President of Niobium, “This work takes us one step closer to the goal of putting a Niobium radiation-tolerant microchip with crypto capabilities into Space.” 

Niobium Microsystems is a small business headquartered in Dayton, OH with an office in Portland, OR.  Niobium specializes in secure, low-power,  radiation-tolerant designs which accelerate complex mathematical workloads such as cryptography and machine learning at the edge.