The world’s fastest complete FHE accelerator

Speed improvements for fully homomorphic encryption lives in the details of the solution and our dedicated FHE SoC is only getting faster.

Proven Expertise

Domain-specific hardware is the driver of continued acceleration

Over the last 10 years FHE has accelerated from 14 orders of magnitude slower than standard compute to roughly 4 orders of magnitude.

Gains from software have slowed, while hardware acceleration advances are taking on the last mile towards making FHE broadly accessible.

Niobium is uniquely capable to address this co-optimization challenge based on existing expertise

From experience in massively parallel computation circuitry (>8 TB/second processing speed) to compilers optimized for memory efficiency at large scale and maximize data re-use during computation to algorithms for specialized FHE computations that reduce silicon area by 50% while accelerating throughput, Niobium is leading the way in making FHE widely accepted.

Proven co-optimization of fast algorithms and efficient data access patterns

Niobium’s current design is already 2,500X faster than FHE on a typical CPU. GPU FHE solutions aren’t yet ready, but are unlikely to be more than 100X faster than a CPU.

Niobium’s early results on DARPA’s DPRIVE (Data Protection in Virtual Environments) program show Niobium’s FHE System-on-Chip (SoC) is trending toward 10,000X PERFORMANCE gain over current FHE software solutions.

We’re on the hunt for mission-focused team members to join us.